‘Good is the New Cool’ takes the social purpose movement to its next, critically needed level.  With people saying they wouldn’t care if 74% of brands disappeared tomorrow, marketers need to reimagine why their brands exist and how they engage with people. The intersection of the three “C’s" culture, commerce and conscience, is the winning formula for marketers who understand they are  no longer selling to people, but now must engage with them.  This pivotal shift, viewing consumers as citizens, and placing authentic purpose at the center of brands, will earn product advocacy,  purchase, (and when done with humility, creativity and over time), ultimately brand love. '

        - Carol Cone, CEO, Purpose Collaborative

'A fresh inspiring easy to use book about a critical topic today. How to not just say but do, and do it with purpose and cool. Every business, brand and individual involved in the business of brands should sit up and take note if you want to stay super relevant with Millennials and beyond, and along the way help make the world a better place'.

- Paul Woolmington, CEO Canvas Worldwide