Why did we write this book?

Corporations and brands are seen as some of the biggest ‘villains’ in modern society; amoral, rapacious, polluting, unethical entities which put profit over everything else, leading to the detriment of the communities and the planet.

But we believe that corporations and brands are only a reflection of the people who work there ; and that there is a quiet revolution taking place, a paradigm shift, with consumers and employees demanding more from the brands they buy and work for. To not just focus on profits but planet, people and purpose.

We wrote this book because we were at the point of becoming jaded and disillusioned with marketing; we wanted to find a way to marry our knowledge and experience of working with brands and pop culture, with our desire to and helping companies succeed by ‘making money by doing more good’.

We wanted to analyze this new paradigm where pop culture could help spark this cycle of ‘good’ ; and demystify it in a way that could be used by marketers in any category in any country. ‘Good is the New Cool’, aims to tell the stories of some of these innovative people who, fueled by that desire, are leading culture and commerce in a new direction.

Who is it aimed at?

There are 3 audiences for the book:

-        Our Peers – senior level marketers within brand and agency worlds who are at a stage in their lives and careers when they are thinking about the impact and legacy of their work. They want to feel their work mattered and made an impact beyond impressions, sales and agency fees.  This book will let these marketers know they are not alone in these thoughts, and it will provide tangible ways to implement this model, and hopefully find more meaning in their work.

-        The New Non-Profits – The non-profit world is also looking to find ways to grow their organizations. They have the good but don’t know how to fully harness the power of cool for scale, or position their efforts in a way that aligns with business objectives.  

-        The Next Wave – the young marketers (millennials) who are born with this value set but don’t know how to integrate it into their new professions. These are the ones we can also inspire to use their talents and new found positions to do work that matters. They can finally erase the false divide between for purpose and for profit.