Good is the New Cool Book

Good is the New Cool Book

Good is the New Cool: How to Market Like You Give a Damn tracks an exciting shift in the zeitgeist where ‘doing good has become cool’ and proposes a revolutionary new model where ‘great marketing optimizes life’.

This bold new book consists of interviews with a new generation of marketers, culture creators, and leaders in the nonprofit space and reveals how brands can ‘make money and do good, by harnessing the power of pop culture. This is a provocative guidebook with 7 Key Principles for bold marketers and anyone who collaborates with them in this brave new world.

“Every business, brand, and individual involved in the business of brands should sit up and take note.” Paul Woolmington

CEO, Canvas Worldwide

“Good is the New Cool’s intersection of the three c’s (culture, commerce, and conscience) is the winning formula for marketers who understand they are no longer selling to people, but how they now must engage with them.” Carol Cone

CEO, Purpose Collaborative

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